quickstart overview

Step 1: Install dajukebox on your PC

After downloading your installation files you will have to start the installation process. If you downloaded the installer exe file you can simply start the process by running this file. If you downloaded the installer in the zipped format you will need to extract the installer before you can run it.

If you downloaded the portable installer you need to unzip the files to a directory of your choice. This directory can be located anywhere on your PC, even in your documents directory or appdata directory. As long as you have full read and write access to that directory.

After installation you can start dajukebox by clicking the appropriate shortcuts, or start dajukebox by running the "dajb.exe" from the dajukebox installation folder.

After the first installation your dajukebox will look like this:



Step 2: addings songs to your database

 By default dajukebox creates a database with the name "database1.adb". But you can create a new database if you want with any name you want. To add songs to the database you have to go to the main menu and select library -> add.



Step 3: Select the location / directory where your songs are located

A sub screen will open with a directory browser. Here you can select the location of the files you want to add. Dajukebox doesnt allow to add individual files, it will add all files from the directory recursivly.



Step 4: You are ready to go and play and edit your songs

After the songs are added you can start using dajukebox and play, edit, organize your songs.



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Dajukebox 2012 is released!

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