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Dajukebox 2012 is the first official release of the new dajukebox and contains all the basic functionality you would expect from an album player. First of all you can load your songs into different libraries. After they are loaded you can edit song tags, set ratings, get album art, get song lyrics, album and artists information, and of course you can play them.

Dajukebox supports most popular formats: aac, ape, flac, ogg, mp3 and mp4. Dajukebox uses the bass dll audio system. Bass supports both wasapi, and directx playback and as such will work on XP, 2000, vista and windows 7/8. On Windows 7/8 and Vista dajukebox automatically switches to wasapi playback, on xp it will use directx. Although the bass audio library also supports exclusive wasapi modes and asio we have not implemented these. Dajukebox uses a buffered model to playback the sound, and as such we see no use for low latency playback.

Dajukebox is fully portable, you can install it in any directory, but you will need full read/write rights in that directory. All files dajukebox creates are stored within the path. So it doesn't leave any messy tracks in your windows temporary directories. One exception to the rule is the burn control, this is an activex control that needs to be registered with windows OS. If you install dajukebox without administrator rights the data files will be stored in the user profile, under the folder dajukebox.




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Dajukebox is freeware, but we really would appriciate your support and donations! So if you are able please donate so we can invest in more development and documentation!